December 17, 2018
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Please Sponsor Dennis Musira
Please Sponsor Dennis Musira COMMIT Ministries is helping the mountain community of Kwirenyi in Kenya East Africa to construct a secondary high school mostly for orphans. This community has been ravaged by HIV/AIDS and though the government provides for most costs of an education, unemployment is nearly 80% making it very tough for these deserving kids to pay their portion of school fees; some are even sent home. Your sponsorship helps to provide a daily hot lunch, required uniforms, PTA fees, and even helps the school to continue to grow and maintain their facility. Students without a sponsor will, in most cases, not be able to complete school. This young man is DENNIS MUSIRA. As of May 5, he is 21 years old and a good student in Form 3. He lives at home with his parents and 4 siblings who are poor farmers. He lists History as his favorite subject and enjoys Reading. There is no discretionary income in the family. He needs a sponsor if he is to ever have any hope of realizing his dream of becoming a Policeman. We pray you will help.
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Please Sponsor Dennis Musira
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