December 17, 2018
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Please Sponsor Daniel Chacha Marwa NS028
Please Sponsor Daniel Chacha Marwa NS028 COMMIT Ministries is helping with a newly developed and desperately-needed secondary school among the Kuria Tribe in the village of Nyabikongori located at the southern tip of Nyanza Province Kenya, near the Tanzania border. This region is among the poorest on Earth and those living here have no hope for a future. Unemployment is over 80% and HIV/AIDS has killed many parents making it impossible for many of these deserving kids to pay for their school feesÖmany are even sent home. Your sponsorship provides a hot lunch, school uniform, PTA fees, and even helps the school to maintain their facility. This is a horribly impoverished community and students without a sponsor will not be able to attend school. This young man is DAVID CHACHA MANWA. As of March 2, he is 16 years old and a good student in Form 2. His father died as a result of trying to save his family from cattle rustlers. He now lives with his mother and 8 siblings as peasant farmers on a small plot of land they tend for food. There is no discernable income though occasionally they do sell some vegetables but clearly itís not nearly enough for this struggling family. David lists Biology and Physics as his favorite subjects, enjoys playing soccer, and hopes to become a lawyer someday. We pray you will sponsor David and give him the opportunity to realize his genuine potential.
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Please Sponsor Daniel Chacha Marwa NS028
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