December 17, 2018
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Please Sponsor Brian Lisangari SA160
Please Sponsor Brian Lisangari SA160 COMMIT Ministries is helping to construct a secondary school, primarily for orphans in the community of Kwirenyi in Western Province, Kenya. This area has been ravaged by HIV/AIDS and unemployment is nearly 75% making it impossible for many of these deserving kids to pay for their school fees…some are even sent home. Your sponsorship provides a hot lunch, school uniform, PTA fees, and even helps the school to maintain their facility. This is a horribly impoverished community and students without a sponsor will not be able to attend school. This young man is BRIAN LISANGARI. As of Aug 2, he is 19 years old and a promising student in Form 2. His father died of HIV/AIDS and his mother’s whereabouts are unknown and presumed dead. He lives with his grandmother and 2 siblings on a tiny farm they tend for food. Brian is the first in his family history to attend high school. He lists English as his favorite subject and hopes to become an engineer someday but truly needs a sponsor now if he is to have a chance to realize his potential. We pray you will sponsor him.
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Please Sponsor Brian Lisangari SA160
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